Hiring Ticketed Welders

Hiring Ticketed Welders

We at West Arc Welding & Fabrication only hire ticketed welders. Why? Certification with a valid Welder’s Licence (also commonly referred to as a “ticket”) is essential for professional, safe, and effective welding.

Knowledge & safety

Having a ticket, or welding license, shows that you have effectively passed through a training program and are educated in the current best practices of our industry. We want to ensure that not only is our work effective and efficient, but that our workers and the people affected by our welding remain safe at all time. As such, we will only hire welders who have proven that they have learned the necessary skills and practiced safely, with a tangible record of that practice. Practice makes perfect and when you work in a position in which people’s safety is at stake, perfection is necessary.

More experience

Ticketed welders will also often have a more vast array of experience. Having gone through a training program, a certified welder will know more than just what they practiced on in their grandfather’s shop (not to knock grandpa’s shop!). They will have learned a variety of processes and, depending on how many tickets they have, they might be able to work on a number of different welding and fabrication projects with different metals.

If you don’t use it, you lose it.
That old saying applies to skills, knowledge, brain power, and, having a welding ticket! Welders who are ticketed must be current with their skills, which inherently makes them better welders. For example, did you know that in order to be ticketed as a Pressure Welder in BC, you have to work regularly to keep your skills up to date? A welder must prove their continuous work in accordance with safety acts and standards. (See Technical Safety BC for just one example: “When the welder has not welded with a process during a period of 6 months or more, his qualifications for that process shall expire.”)

So the real question shouldn’t be why do we only hire ticketed welders, but rather why would other companies take the risk of not hiring a certified welder. We think you’re worth it. Give us a call to discuss your next welding or fabrication project.